The 5 Logo Tips Everyone Should Know

The 5 Logo Tips Everyone Should Know

It really doesn’t matter if you are creating the logo yourself or working with a designer or developer. The fundamentals and basic rules to a good logo design are the same for all. Here is a small checklist for creating a nice logo is short and simple and as follows.



1. Be At One With Your Target Audience

Create an image that correlates with your market. Do you have a hi-tech blog? Sharp shapes are the way to go. Hard angles. Avoid soft curves. You want to suggest intuitiveness. Do you offer a service? Do the exact opposite. Round and neat elements relay a friendly message and communicates creativity. Business to Business? You might want to incorporate both styles and even implement a personal image in as well.

2. Creativity Is key

Merge different elements to create your brand. Many logos use shapes that are easily recognizable. Others reply on a specific font. Others put stock in a color scheme. Always remember the elements you put into your logo rely on many factors, such as the type of market your company belongs to, the products you sell as well as the look of the characters that make your company name.

3. Be Original

If you are original you stand on a mountain amongst your peers. Look at the niche your working around. What can you do to make yourself stand out from everyone else? You need a logo that stands out from the crowd. Something to distinguish you from everyone else and aid into remembering your company and or product.

4. Keep it Simple

I can not stress the word clean enough. Be transformable to as many platforms as possible and keep social media in mind. Keep information down to small details and remove clutter. This is something that can go to print or is going, keep that in mind. You want it to look nice in front of both light and dark backgrounds. it will ensure readability and give a cleaner appearance over all.

5. Practical Practical Practical

Your Logo should be easily viewable in all sizes. Keep the long term in mind. It wouldn’t hurt to view in all browsers and resolutions as well. You want this thing to withstand all of the new trends.

These 5 basic steps will aid you in creating a logo that should meet and beat the requirements of your company and help it grow.

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